Back to school with Shayla and her web series

Shayla Hates Celebrities has been unleashed - a new web series by Shonali Bhowmik.  Hey friends join Shayla and her entourage on her adventure towards becoming a celebrity.  Not sure what kind of talent she has, but she's convinced she can do it.  She's already beaten the 3 breasted lady to the punch. The awesome cast in upcoming episodes includes Katina Carrao, Eliot Glazer, Le'Ronn McGowan, John Early, Sunita Mani, and Har Mar Superstar.   Episode 3 is to be released tomorrow!  Here's the trailer.

Also we have one more screening of Sardines Out of  A Can on the big screen at the Newfilmmakers NY Showcase on Wednesday, October 1.  Join us at 6:45 at the Anthology Film Archives!

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