Bed Bugs and Hot Pockets

Hey hey!  It's April!  I am in the final days of preparation for the showcase of my short play Bed Bugs and Hot Pockets on May 14th which was selected to be in the 2015 Downtown Urban Theater Festival.  I am honored, completely overwhelmed, invigorated, exhausted, embarrassed and proud of my work.  It's never easy to enter a situation in which you've never been (playwright/director)- but in this case that's exactly why I am excited to be here.  Sure there is so much to consider; the technical aspects like lighting, sound cues, projection, props and there's the more substantive part which is working with actors, retooling the script, and learning from the people with whom I am working.   I am fortunate to be surrounded by super talented friends who have helped turn my nervousness into  both an adventure and a party!  Yeah. Not the  "put your hands up in the air raise the roof" type o' party (do you go to those?), but the family vacation type of party where you don't go too crazy and you are mindful of your chores.   I would say we are responsible partiers. 

My awesome friend Amy Slonaker has been helping me as a producer for the play which means we regularly discuss new ways to set up the stage, new places to rent props, and new techniques for using a glue gun.   I have cast a fantastic group of human beings to be in this play and I am dumbfounded by how good they all are.  The play stars Katina Corrao and Christian Felix, with Jason Lam, Jordan Clifford, Anne Lanier, Sean Eden, Eric Slovin and myself.  That alone is enough reason for you to join us.  You should purchase tickets now at and because honestly, I believe the show will be sold out.  Not bragging - just sayin'. 

As for the play, I wrote it last year as a response to some sudden changes I noticed regarding my community.  Oh, that's too vague so here is the synopsis for Bed Bugs and Hot Pockets:  In a society that depends on technology, outsourcing and mass surveillance, jobs at CVS have disappeared. Bill has worked at CVS for years and is the last employee standing. Connie, a CVS customer, regularly stops by the store just to shoot the shit with Bill. On this day their conversation comes to an abrupt halt.

If there is anything great that came from this experience thus far,  I would say it would be the fact that both of my nieces, Kavi and Priya, made fantastic posters promoting my showcase for Bed Bugs and Hot Pockets.  Enjoy and I hope to see you soon!

KAVITA GRAB  - AGE - 7 years old

PRIYA GRAB - AGE - 9 years old


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