Beginnings: The Podcast - Episode 192

Been a great week for me in the creative stratosphere.  I was a guest on a phenomenal podcast called Beginnings  hosted by Andy Beckerman.
Andy was a philosophy grad student til he turned to comedy.   I went to law school and soon thereafter quickly turned to music...and then comedy.  He was wearing a Pavement ist Rad t-shirt during the interview!  I own the very same t-shirt! Needless to say, my conversation with Andy was one of my all time favorite conversations.  I feel as though his show gave me the chance to talk about  the things that you always want to talk about, but never do!  We seriously talked! 
Thank you Andy!   
Here is the link again to Beginnings!
I am featured in the first half of the episode, and Aaron Kheifets is featured in the second half. 


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