Brooklyn Beta Conference 2012 - Make Something You Love Conference

Last week I was privileged to perform at Brooklyn Beta 2012 Conference - (Oct 10,11, and 12th )  at The Invisible Dog in Brooklyn.  The website describes the conference:  
"Brooklyn Beta is a small, friendly web conference aimed at the “work hard and be nice to people” crowd.   Once a year, we welcome some of the friendliest web designers, developers, and entrepreneurs to Brooklyn, and we invite speakers to highlight meaningful problems that need our help.  Our goal is to inspire you to make something you love, so we get all the people who can turn an idea into reality in one place and try our best to make it happen."

So although this conference is formally defined as a place for web based creators to talk, hang, and become inspired, it was great that three music performances (one each day) were scheduled throughout the conference.  The attendees are tied by a common thread.  They are all folks who creatively and artistically use the web to solve problems and in turn hoping to make the world a better place.   Very punk rock.

The formal schedule for the conference is put together so that folks have no idea who is speaking or performing ahead of time, but rather the focus is just to create a scenario where folks get together, share their passions and love for what they create.  I instantly relate to that mindset and felt a kinship for all the creators in the hall.  The intimate setting was  envigorating, warm, creative, smart, inspiring, exciting, and stimulating (forgive me for being repetitive)...I could go on.  It was just that good.   Surprise speakers on Day 2 included politician Cory Booker,  internet pioneer Ted Nelson, and Behance founder Scott Belsky.   On the same day, I shared a story with the attendees (Ted Leo performed Wed., Amy Klein performed on Friday) regarding the slow build up to the moment I would finally embrace calling myself a musician/performer: an artist.   It goes without question, most us define ourselves by our careers: how we make money;  but  often times bill-paying job have nothing to do with who we are.  Do you believe how profound I am!?  So there you have it, among other things I am an artist and my coming out party was at Brooklyn Beta!  Ha.   I wouldn't have known it beforehand, but I belonged at Brooklyn Beta.  After all, they are artists and creators using their talents to connect, create a community, with hopes of making the world a better place.  Very punk rock!
Chris Casciano put together some pics on Flickr here:  The Music of #Brooklyn Beta

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