Earthquake aftershock and a Fried Porkchop Sandwich.

 We are riding down to Charlotte today after a night in Richmond, VA.  We pulled into Richmond, VA at 1:07 am precisely the time that an earthquake aftershock rumbled through Richmond.  John Pollard our host, walked out to greet us in the dark thinking that we were in an 18 wheeler  and would have to park our rig in his backyard.  A great night of talk, sleep and a morning of perfectly scrambled eggs and bacon in a real backyard.  Oh how sweet it is to be back in a van.  Seriously.  Doin' it, and doin it, and doin' it well.  Riding right down to Hurricane Irene and knocking her out as we go.  Here are pics of us doing what we do best.  Eat!!!   Jason made a remarkable find at this place by the gas station today.  A fried porkchop sandwich from Cafe Soul for $1.99!  You know what I am saying.  Tonight come see us at Evening Muse, 10:30pm in Charlotte, NC!!!  
Breakfast in Richmond Jason is so hungry! 

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