Getting that for the summer...

I returned from an amazing trip to Spain and while sitting in a courtyard having drinks with Jasper, heard a man who said he could dance like Michael Jackson. I looked up and saw the most unlikely Michael Jackson character.  He was wearing beige sweatpants hiked up to above his belly button, an off pink t shirt,  and was probably 50+ years old.  He started gliding around and contorting his body in front of our table, after he saw that we were the only ones who were interested out of the 30 or so tables around us.  His dancing didn't match the skills of MJ, in fact he was sort of he was awesome.   I am certain that I will never see someone like him again -  someone with his own original weird moves, a no-fashion ensemble,  an obliviousness to what anyone thought of his performance skills.  He brought  me so much happiness.  Other folks around us were so serious and scoffed at him when he asked for tips.  I was in awe of him.  If you know me, I am certain you believe me. It takes courage in doing your own thing and not giving a crap what people think.    In the end, you are bound to bring someone some happiness in just witnessing you do it.  

Meanwhile the Rock*A*Teens are back doing shows after a ten year hiatus!  I saw them in Brooklyn last night and was blown away.  Tonight I will see them again in Manhattan.  My dearest friend and Ultrababyfat bandmate, K.Michelle DuBois is sitting in on keyboards with them, which makes the shows all the more special for me.
Go to the Merge Records site and buy all their records, so they can become the huge rock stars they deserve to be.  Well they already are in my eyes.

Oh and I just started a new monthly show in the back room of HiFi (the former legendary rock club Brownies) - last Tuesday of every month.  The show will be whatever I want it to be every month, not just music, not just stand up, not just art, not just politics, not just science - but whatever I would like it to be - which is a small show celebrating awesome  people who do interesting things.  This past week we taped a We Don't Even Know live Episode 24 in front of an audience.   Christian sang a duet with me. I am serious.  

And Darell J. Hunt, my newest inspiration, who is the voice of this Soul Train Babies video was one of our guests among other shining stars.  Oh, the world.  What can I say other than Oprah has a new issue of O with a pic of herself on it in a black catsuit.  Go Oprah!  


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