I'll Be Your Therapy 

The last time I made a blog entry, just after I had just returned from Nashville the world turned upside down.  We have all been dealing with the devastation caused to our due to the coronavirus pandemic.  We have all been doing our best coping with our new way of life.  It is unlike anything we have every experienced before. I personally have found myself feeling unfocused, anxious and unable to create music or art which I also have decided is okay.  I appreciate the small things because the big picture is overwhelming.  I found a moment of focus and calm yesterday in which I wrote, recorded and edited a video for a new song which as of now I am calling - I'll Be Your Therapy.  I use the process of writing this song as a reminder to myself it is good to check out of the news cycle & social media once in awhile. #selfcare. My goal was not for perfection, to not overthink and to use videos from my life which bring my happiness. The video features all places and things seen since just when the pandemic struck us all in February 2020. This is also reminder to search for beauty during troubled times because it is out there. This video stars my bashful main man Jasper Patch. 

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Check out the video here!

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