Katina Corrao's Album Release, a Wedding, Tigers and Monkeys & BBHP!

Yeah, it's been months hasn't it?!  Sorry about that.  I'm good.  Had the wedding of a lifetime in New Orleans, LA week before last and am now gearing up to release a comedy album by the amazing Katina Corrao (who also stars in Shayla Hates Celebrities with me and starred in my play Bed Bugs and Hot Pockets) on my label Little Lamb Recordings. As you can see, I am a huge fan of Katina's.  She is a superstar!  A great talent and a fantastic lady.  I am lucky to know her and be her friend. Please ask her about the story when I was telling her to get an MRI but stopped in the middle of the story to change the subject.  Or ask her why she always moves my hand off of her shoulder or knee when I am slightly touching her in a friendly way to get her attention. I am certain this is only funny to Katina and I, am I right? So alas, I am going to be playing my guitar with my entire band in a few days!   Tigers and Monkeys is playing a rock show next week, Friday, October 30th at 9pm, Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn..  All these things are what make my world go round and round!  The other things are chocolate, moisturizer, fuzzy slippers, friends and family. Love them and need them all.  Join us at Katina's album release party at HiFi in the EV on October 27 at 7pm w lots of amazing comedians, oven mitts and Katina's awesome album.  Oooh also thanks for all your support on Bed Bugs and Hot Pockets!  We won the Audience Award at the DUTF Festival 2015 and we were also selected to perform at the SAIPAF 2015 (South Asian Performing Arts Festival) at the Access Theater. I am sorry but I will have to do a proper wedding post with a shout-out to all the vendors I worked with - they deserve it and I have to share their creative talents.

Bed Bugs and Hot Pockets at Access Black Box Theater in August 2015
Tigers and Monkeys!

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