May 1st. This is ridiculous. NYC Five Boro Bike Tour.

 How time flies when you are swamped with work and play.  Yesterday I completed the 42 mile NYC Five Boro Bike Tour with some great friends and for a wonderful organization called Only Make Believe.  For the first time I bought the padded bike shorts (thank goodness) last week which means that I have never been on a bike for any great length of time.  Needless to say there was a small part of me that was scared to death of taking on this challenge. But  I am here to say that the ride ended up a success, minor aches and pains in my calves just after the bike tour, but otherwise feeling great.  There was one moment where my mind had to shift into overdrive and my ride was all mental - during the up hill battle of the Belt Parkway and the Verrazano Bridge into Staten Island.  There were more than 32,000 bikers in the tour.   Between the 8 year old boy, the 400 lb lady, and the guy with the prosthetic leg, I had plenty of inspiration to keep me in the game and then of course the main event was the city of New York, who kept cheering me on.  The city is beyond mesmerizing and at many points I would catch myself, mumbling under my breath to myself saying "this is ridiculous."  Yup, seriously. 
Christian Felix, Gene Reich and I ready to take on the world

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