Roller Skating, Trash Cans and Film Fests

I went to a roller skating birthday party this weekend.  My mind was blown.  Why did this end?  Bring it back.  Won't you take me to Funky Town? Cross over, all skate, couple skate.   I guess it never left - like Xanadu, we still have a place to go where neon lights still shine, Roller Jam USA in Staten Island.  Saturday nights are adult night.  Check out this scene from the movie Roller Boogie w Linda Blair.  I'm the guy that does the back bend on the skating rink and pops back up and repositions his hat.  Although it's all in my head, I still dream of being that good on skates.  The song is Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind and Fire. 


Last month, I got to attend the first screening my short film, Sardines Out of A Can at a film festival.  This was the first year of the Chattanooga Film Festival, and although I was only there for one night and two days, I had a great time at the fest and in Chattanooga.  The screening was very special for me.  My mom, dad and my great childhood friend Kim Murrey (of Nashville) accompanied me to Chattanooga from Nashville.   Was fantastic to hear my mom laughing out loud and my dad's first comment after the screening - "Did you have a make up person because....?" as he points to his face...! He keeps me humble.  I was honored to screen my film amongst so many great films and lovely to meet good people and see old friends. The weekend after that, Jasper and I spent a weekend in Muskogee, Oklahoma at the Bare Bones International Film and Music Festival to screen SOOAC.  Shlron Ray and Oscar, the husband and wife team who run the festival are freaking amazing - working nonstop all the while maintaining a smile and seemingly enjoying themselves.  We had a great time - stayed at the new La Quinta Inn.  Met some awesome filmmakers from around the world, got to eat lots of Bar-B-Cue, went to the Azalea Day parade, and got to eat a Trash Can at Paul's Diner.  See below! Happy to report that we won the Best Romantic Comedy Short Film award at Bare Bones.  Something reaffirming about going to Chattanooga and Muskogee and being reminded of all the real people, great artists, and communities doing things their own way - creating an event together, with no big money attached to celebrate independent art- thank goodness those things still exist.  Special shout out to my new friends whom I met in Oklahoma:  Moko, Azumi, Uta, Amir and John!  Let's make a film now.  Oh and we are going to Madrid International Film Festival in July. 


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