The Animals Will Forgive Us Again

Hope the new year is starting out right for you!  The weather here, as well as most of the East Coast has been FREAKING COLD! Brr.."it sure is cold out Aqua SleepMan."  Anyone? My Nashville friends? But if you are fortunate to have some furry earmuffs like myself, you are weathering the cold with very few complaints.   Since late October,  I travelled to Los Angeles, Savannah, GA, Charlotte, NC and Minneapolis with Sardines Out of A Can.  Thanks to all of you that came to the screenings.  I had a spectacular time.  On a personal note, I was so touched to share some time with so many old friends in Charlotte, NC,  but especially Chris Piegler who came to the show despite his facing some serious health issues. He passed away a few weeks ago, and I feel so fortunate to have laughed with him only a few months ago.  Love to you Chris!  

In other news, I have made a statement about marriage.   An outtake from Sardines Out of A Can with funny man John Early.

In serious music news! Tigers and Monkeys will be celebrating the release of our first album since 2007 on February 27th at Union Hall in Park Slope! You can purchase the album on iTunes, Amazon right now.   Come to the show, all the heavy hitters will be there including Joachim Kearns, Russell Dungan, Jason Lam, Jeff Sheinkopf, Jody Bilinski, and Antonia Santangelo. Special guests performing with us are Corrupt Autopilot along with comedians Katina Corrao and Nimesh Patel.  Yeah, I am giving you advance notice now, so you have no excuse.  For those of you in other cities, purchase you flights now.  Back to biting my nails now....

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