The hunt for the perfect pair of blue jeans.....

Today there are riots in Greece, and more reports out on the danger of drinking Diet Coke.  But I am focused, as I have been throughout my life.  I am on a quest.  I can't seem to stop searching for the perfect pair of blue jeans.  My taste change daily, one day I want skinny legged, the next high waisted, the next flares but I think that I have finally come to a decision as to the most classic cut that never goes out of style.  Ultimately I always go back to my pair of blue jeans that are the classic Levis mid waisted boot cut  that I find are tougher and tougher to locate. I love them.  

I can't believe that I've never written a song about blue jeans.  Here's a classic by Neil Diamond for you - Forever In Blue Jeans!!!!!  That's ME!!!

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