You Had To Be There Podcast - 3/14/08

Sara Schaeffer & Nikki Glaser have a podcast called You H... on Twitpic

I joined some funny ladies, Sara Schaefer and Nikki Glaser last night for their awesome Podcast (#13) called You Had To Be There, which is the most appropriate name for their show.  The comedy guest was Nate Bargatze. So I trek out to Brooklyn with my guitar, imagining that all of us would be cramped together in Sara's bedroom sitting on her bed recording the podcast on one mic we passed around.   I was pleasantly surprised that we would be recording in the middle of Sara's awesome living room (yup a real living room) with a giant couch, a cool retro green carpet, a comfy loungechair and chairs lined up in a semicircle for audience members.  Uhuh, there were audience members (some cool comedy kids from Indiana) at this podcast, a real live intern named Adam and a sound guy named Andrew.  AMAZING.  These ladies have more of a production set up than most comedy and rock clubs in NYC.  Check out their awesome NY1 microphones in the pic.  Anyway, I loved the show - the banter about their weekly happenings and the looseness of the entire show.  Just hanging out and chatting it up.  Oh and I can't forget to mention, that my heart was racing just after conversing with Nate at the top of the show.  It ended up that Nate also grew up in Nashville, Tennessee as I did, and after rattling off some Nashville connections, we connected the dots to the point that we figured out Nate's dad was one of my favorite camp counselors when I was a kid, Stephen Bargatze who works now as a magician in Nashville.  Oh, and the population of the Nashville metro area is 1.5 million people, so our connection was a big freakin' deal.  Well it freaked me out, and well You Had to Be There. 

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