100 Oaks Revival CD Release Pics? Strokes on David Letterman tonight.


THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT CAME OUT TO THE SHOW!  We had a fantastic time.  Rusty Dungan and Hannibal Buress killed it opening up the show.  In these pics, Brent Arnold on Cello, Amy Slonaker background vocals, Jody Bilinski -drums, Jason Lam - bass, Matthew Gill - guitar, Brendan Kenny - piano - additional players were Marcellus Hall, Jasper Patch and Matt Whyte.  Do any of you have any pics from the show?  Waiting on ones from the great Stefano Giovannini.  Also if you think of one person that would like 100 Oaks Revival, tell them to come here.  Word of mouth is the way this works these days.  Lastly I just watched the Strokes on David Letterman.  First album in five years - Julian Casablancas seemed ready to take on the world.  The rest of the band looked pretty bored, perhaps it's just been a long time .   Bootsy Collins on Jimmy Fallon right now and Friendly Fires to come.  Don't think I can stay up to see them.  Let me know how they were, will ya?  THANKS AGAIN!

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