Apparently I am only traveling to cities that start with the letter "N" this spring...

We are only a month away til the first day of summer and here in New York, I have worn a rainjacket or jacket to work for the last few weeks.  Folks complain here about the killer summer heat all the time, which probably only comes to NY two to three weeks out of the year since I have lived here.   No judgement.  Everyone needs something to complain about, right?   But still, please I need some real warmth in NYC.  It is the best to be here in the summer time, all the cool kids go to their country homes, and those of us that only pay rent in one city have no choice but to stay here.  I love NYC in the summertime.  It becomes quiet and somewhat quaint.

As for Spring 2012, this one has flown by.  In March, I was the musical guest on a couple of episodes of a new NPR Trivia Game Show called "Ask Me Another" which is just now being aired.  Look for it, listen to it, talk about it.  It is a geek's dream radio show which means if you are reading this blog you would surely enjoy it.  
As for April and May, I traveled to Nashville, TN, my hometown, and to New Orleans, LA for Jazz Fest 2012 for fun in the swamplands.  I performed a bunch with my bands and in comedy shows- 100 Oaks Revival shows, Tigers and Monkeys, and Variety Shac.   I always love explaining to comedy audiences how my music is not comedy music as in the vein of Tenacious D or Flight of the Conchords, but rather that I got involved initially in the comedy world, becuase comedians love the fact that I laugh loudly at them as well as they love (I am putting words into their mouths)  my music (whether you classify my music as serious or not will be reserved for a future blog entry).  

So we are coming upon June and with it comes more clarity as to my creative goals.  Shhshshshs, I can't tell you.  I must do.  But I am excited, aren't you?  (generic response needed here, like "Why yes, we are excited for you!").  I am excited for you, whatever it is that you may be doing or not doing that is.  I am serious.  Someone needs to be excited for you don't you think?  Well here are a couple of links to some short vids I took over the spring, to emphasize my excitement.  
Oh and off to another city which starts with "N", Newport, Rhode Island!  How many major cities in the US start with "N"?  Do you know?

Nashville in the Springtime  - my mom and dad's backyard (while it was raining and cold in NYC)  

Black Feather Mardi Gras Indians, New Orleans Jazz Fest 2012

Here's a pic of my dearest friend, Kathleen Michelle DuBois and I at the New Orleans Jazzfest 2012
Michelle and Shonali Jazz Fest 2012

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