The day of 100 Oaks Revival CD Release! Transcript of my 3 year old niece singing right now.

Getting ready for my CD release, listening to my 3 year old niece visiting from DC - singing in my living room with my mic through a little Harvard Reverb amp, with the reverb turned way up.
"Everybody, everybody, everybody,  I love Hamsters, I looooove Hamsters.  Say goodbye to losing and hello to winning.  I loooove hamsters.  But I love it loud.  I like it loud.  I like it loud I SAID, " as her grandmother is turning the amp down.
Amen!  See you at Littlefield in Brooklyn tonight!  Show starts promptly at 7:30pm.  Also special opening guests, Russell Dungan and comedian Hannibal Burress!  

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  • Lissi
    yay! awesome.

    yay! awesome.

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