Shayla Hates Celebrities

It's the beginning of 2019 and as I reflect on what a crazy year 2018 was I look to places that I find comfort.  One of those places for me is the creative world. I have managed to surround myself with so many generous, talented, creative, funny people and I never take that for granted.  They make me feel better about myself and the world when I am with them.  Here is a window into that world - it's the Vimeo channel for a web series I started a few years back.  I look at this and think "Girl You are Crazy!" but not only with regard to the content, but with respect to the ability to get so many great people to contribute their time and effort to working with me.  So here's the link and I hope you enjoy the craziness.   

Shayla Hates Celebrities - ( Vimeo Channel Ep. 1-5).

Ep. 5:  Shayla finds the life of a celebrity is too much for her and develops a terrible British accent and becomes a hikikomori, a recluse. Her boyfriend Wade is supportive and her neighbor Annette are reassuring but is that enough to draw a crazy woman out of her bedroom? It takes her best friend Katie to ignite Shayla's will to to live. The cast includes Shonali Bhowmik, Katina Corrao, Greg Barris, Eleanore Pienta and Jason Lam. Stay tuned for Ep. 6 - The Fundraiser. Directed by Edmond Hawkins.