Watch our new video The Dream Is Still Alive directed by... 

Watch our new video The Dream Is Still Alive directed by filmmaker Uta Siebicke shot on Doyers Street and Pell Street in Chinatown, NYC!  1 #indierockmusicvideo #GarageRock #SaturdayDestroyer #DreamBig #DoyersStreet #PellStreet #Chinatown #ShonaliBhowmik #JasonLam #anthonycangelosi #antoniasantangelo #RussellDungan #JoachimKearns #UtaSiebeicke #AlanCapriles #MusicHeals #TheYoungandtheRestless

Shayla Hates Celebrities  

It's the beginning of 2019 and as I reflect on what a crazy year 2018 was I look to places that I find comfort.  One of those places for me is the creative world. I have managed to surround myself with so many generous, talented, creative, funny people and I never take that for granted.  They make me feel better about myself and the world when I am with them.  Here is a window into that world - it's the Vimeo channel for a web series I started a few years back.  I look at this and think "Girl You are…

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Tigers and Monkeys - Magic Marker (Official) 

Tigers and Monkeys - Magic Marker (Official):

Today we release our new music video, Magic Marker; a trippy video directed by Graham Mason shot in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Magic Marker is the 7th track off the Tigers and Monkeys’ third full length album Saturday Destroyer. This song is about a forgotten woman who suffers from mental illness and drug addiction who still manages to find love. Critics says “Jason Lam is phenomenal!”  Tigers and Monkeys is Shonali Bhowmik, Jason Lam, Anthony Cangelosi, Joachim…

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Music Video Premiere: Tigers and Monkeys - "In An Instant" 

Music Video Premiere: Tigers and Monkeys - "In An Instant":

Check out our brand new video In An Instant! Let New York City’s Tigers and Monkeys, joined by comedian Greg Johnson, dazzle you in their super fun, dance heavy video “In an Instant” from their third album Saturday Destroyer. Noted indie video maker Brendan McKnight uses New York City as playful backdrop, seeing the band sing and play in subway stations, rooftops, public parks, and more.

My band's new album SATURDAY DESTROYER is available now 

Big news in my world is that my band Tigers and Monkeys has a new album Saturday Destroyer which is available to the world as of today! Here's the smart link which links you to all the music services you can dream of - buy it, stream it, dance to it, forget your worries to it, cheer with it and share it - WILL YOU?  We have lots in store for you all this fall including tour dates and music videos by an amazing group of directors! 

New York City’s Tigers & Monkeys is back with their third full-length album…

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