New Single and New Video - Bomb Shelter

It's been a minute since I've released new music but here it is along with a brand new AI  video - the first of it's kind! 

During the pandemic the messiness of the world including the loss of my father turned my head into mush.  When I pushed myself to move on with it,  I imagined I’d joined the Muppets and was just "tagging along and feeling dumb”  allowing something light and bright to carrying me forward. This became one of my favorite ways to cope.  Experimenting with minimal equipment, and self recording at home with the help of my talented bandmate Jason Lam, I created a breezy pop song  (first time with synth horns) which I hope becomes a plush soundscape for the summer days ahead complete with psychoacoustic noise which Jason says is supposed to work subliminally in your mind to make you feel extra good.  

This video is cray and I look insane! I love it! It fits with my song in the most perfectly imperfect way.I reached out to my crazily talented tech wizard friend and Tigers and Monkeys’ bandmate Jason Lam a few weeks ago asking whether he could make an AI music video for my new single Bomb Shelter. I asked him whether there was a way to incorporate some of my surreal dream sequences into a video using AI video software. He said “maybe” which I assumed meant yes. I sent him a list of my dreams and he made my dreams literally come to AI life. This video is fantastically more fun, more surreal and more disturbing than my dreams are. I’m so grateful to Jason for creating it. Look - this AI video stuff is going to get better and better but for now this is what I call incredible.