Help the Nashville Tornado Relief Effort - March 2020

Last week a deadly tornado struck my hometown of Nashville, TN.  Lots of people lost their lives and many families lost their homes.  My husband Jasper and I in fact had just flown back from Nashville to NYC the night of the tornado.  I feel lucky that my family and immediate circle of friends are okay.  But not everyone is okay.  My mom attempted to drive downtown this past week and she could not get through the roadblocks set up due to all the debris.  My mom teared up when telling me how she was so saddened by the destruction and the devastation in our city.  She saw folks standing outside of their eviscerated homes and businesses.  I am confident that the city will rebuild itself and Nashvillians will rally behind those who have lost their belongings and homes.  But also I feel the need to reach out to my community of those who may want to help Nashville.  Here is a link to a nonprofit volunteer group called Hands On Nashville.   The site has a number of ways you can help the people of Nashville and the Nashville Tornado Relief Program via donations or volunteering.  

Here's an account of how the community is coming together in Nashville by Margaret Renkly in the NYT - The tornadoes that tore through Middle Tennessee felt like the apocalypse. But people here had other plans. 

Lastly here is a brand new video by Tigers and Monkeys shot on iPhones in Nashville (by another native Nashvillian Kim Murrey & myself) and in our rehearsal space in Brooklyn (by Jasper Patch.)  The song is called Tiger On A Leash and the video is dedicated to my friends in Nashville and the city itself which means so much to me and has given me so much during my lifetime.  

There is so much we are all contending with these days. It's rough out there!  The main thing that gets me through the day to day is my family, friends, community and chocolate.  Thank you for being there.  

Love to you all!