The last We Don't Know show of 2015!

Excited about 2016, well slow down now - 2015 is not over yet and there's still time to screw things up OR get things right!  That's right! We've still got Christmas (no gifts please) and then there's December 29th at HiFi in NYC.  To top off my wonderful year ( I got married, debuted a play, a web series AND stopped biting my fingernails) my We Don't Even Know co-host Christian and I will be joined by special guest and long time friend comedian/actor David Cross along with my girl crush Dolly Wells of HBO's Doll and Em for a special edition of We Don't Even Know.  Come join us!  It's intimate! It's free!  It's fun and it's educational.  When does that happen?  All those things at one time!  Duhh....never!  See you on the 29th. 

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