Clip Clop, Clip Clop!

For the past few nights I have enjoyed listening to the clip clop of horses walking past  my living room window.   I have been living in downtown NYC for two years now and although I live near a university and a hospital, it is usually rather quiet at night.  But recently due to the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests that have been happening in my neighborhood for the past four weeks,  police horses  have been traveling through the streets of downtown Manhattan.  What's surprising is that the sound of hooves striking asphalt has been a soothing sound.  I feel like I am in a time warp,  where suddenly I imagine I am in Olde NY  where horses are the only mode of transportation.  I am wearing a matronly dress, drinking tea, using terms like "Ye" and "Here here".   There seems to be no rational reason why the sound puts me at ease because it is only a reminder of the fragility of our times....but rather the sound makes me feel that I am existing in a simpler time, as New Yorkers did when computers, reality tv, cell phones, and video games were not a part of life (never mind that disease, gangs, racism, and sexism did).   I know it doesn't make sense, but I am just going to close my eyes and enjoy.   Whoa they just passed by again.  Here, here!  

I know you are wondering where Woowoo! Part 2 is....I promise it is coming! That is Atlanta, Nashville and Knoxville and I have got to share those stories with you.

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