Sardines Out of A Can (a film by Shonali) - The Soundtrack

I love the soundtrack to my own film!  The film itself will premiere online via Vimeo tomorrow.  Beyond the notion of having to get a visual and narrative story out of my brain, creating a soundtrack was one of the highlights of completing this film project.  Here's the story behind the music!

Demon Contacts by Love As Laughter 
Sam Jayne and friends make up Love As Laughter. While on tour with David Cross years ago, we spent the night at Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse’s home.  Throughout the night, Isaac was playing album after album by Love As Laughter and I was hooked. As luck would have it Sam Jayne happened to move to NYC when I did.   Since then I have performed with him many times and just like Isaac Brock, have become an obsessive fan.

Take It by Mighty Challenger 
Tom Gluibizzi, formerly of Psychic Ills, is Mighty Challenger.  Tom played bass with me while I was the bandleader for the Shoegasms for comedian John Early’s show Showgasm.   I was quickly impressed by Tom’s musicianship and laid back attitude and asked to hear tracks from his newest project.  Instantly, I knew Tom’s music had to be in this film. 

Little Smug Supper Club by Ted Leo
Everyone knows who Ted Leo is.  He’s a punk rocker, a rocker, a crooner, an activist, a supporter and a fighter. Ted is a prolific artist and he sent me so many brilliant unreleased tracks of which I wished I could have used them all.  The Little Smug Supper Club brings toin the film was the icing on the cake in . 

Disco Moon by K. Michelle DuBois
Tales of Truth by K. Michelle DuBois
Michelle DuBois is my very best childhood friend with whom I founded my first rock n’ roll band Ultrababyfat.   She is hands down one of the most talented songwriters I have ever known.  Coincidentally two of her songs from her solo album Lux Capone are featured in SOOAC.  Also of special note, Michelle’s father, Tim Dubois has written 5 #1 hit songs, and her brother Chris has written 14 #1 hits songs in Nashville.  So needless to say, music is in her blood.  Her first solo release Lux Capone is brilliant. She is currently moonlighting with the Rock*A*Teens.

Star Treatment by Shonali Bhowmik
This track comes from my solo album, 100 Oaks Revival.  This was my first time recording an album in my hometown of Nashville, TN.  100 Oaks was the name of the strip mall for which I spent my formative years.   

Paris Beats Dallas by The Levitations
Brandon Smith (formerly of The Rock*A*Teens) is The Levitations.  He should be a huge rock star but finds distributing peach and apples for farmer’s markets in GA and TN much more rewarding.  His music is raw, frenetic, garage rock.  Special note, Brandon once wore a turban, called himself Cognac and led the Gories inspired band, The Telepathics of which I was also a member.  

Floating by Marcellus Hall and the Hostages
Marcellus Hall is a hero to me.  He was the front man of the bands Railroad Jerk and White Hassle. His current solo project (with the Hostages) just released their newest album Afterglow and has released another album, The Final Line, on Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse’s own label.  Marcellus is also a well-known illustrator who works with the likes of the New Yorker, The New York Times, The Atlantic as well as illustrating children’s books. 

Noise Parade by Shannon Wright
Former Touch n’ Go, Quarterstick recording artist, Shannon Wright is a rock n’ roll goddess.  This song comes from Shannon’s latest release In Film Sound. I have known Shannon since we were struggling musicians waiting tables at Grant Central Pizza in Atlanta, Georgia.  Shannon has always been a true artist.  Her raw emotion and primal physicality during live performances are one of a kind.  I remember seeing her opening for Nick Cave and Sleater Kinney on separate occasions, and seeing the audience members with their mouths agape.  Her popularity in Europe has soared since her collaboration with Yann Tiersen in 2010 and is now supported by a French label.  Shannon is a reminder of what all rock n’ roll should be as is reiterated in my film.  

Charlemagne by Tenement Halls
Merge recording artist, Tenement Halls is Chris Lopez (also leader of The Rock*A*Teens) and friends. Chris made the TH album, Knitting Needles & Bicycle Bells, while his other band was on hiatus. The album brings together a solid lineup of Chris Lopez’ haunting gothic southern indie rock anthems.  As of now his band, the RATS are back! I discovered Chris’ music while living in Atlanta, where The Rock*A*Teens quickly became one of my favorite bands of all time.  I want the world to hear Chris’ music as well does Mac McCaughan (Superchunk and Merge Records) and so many other indie rock stars.   While at my gym, I heard The New Pornographers AND The Shins doing separate covers of The Rock*A*Teens.  Yeah I know…my gym is cool.   As for the song Charlemagne, it’s a cinematic love song for the ages.  

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