The Sorcerer of Kalamazoo

 It is getting colder here in NYC and I am already thinking about the snow that will be here in a matter of weeks.  I am not complaining.  I love the seasons, all four of them as they come in a row, but today the cold really made me feel the absence of summer.  So here I am to recap what was the end of the summer rock tour for 100 Oaks Revival, August 2011/September 2011.  I left you in Savannah, Georgia and we headed to Atlanta the very next day.  Home of my former rock n' roll band, and more great friends.  We arrived at the Highland Inn on Monday afternoon, not too far from one of my favorite old hangouts: the Righteous Room, the Majestic Diner, the Plaza Theatre and Little Five Points.  It was nice for each of us to just have time to hang out and do our own things.  Jeff did his regular 20 mile run.  Jason and Matt found good food at Eats.  Amy and I made an outing to Urban Outfitters.   Later in the evening we all got to hang individually with old friends.  

Show day was Tuesday at the EARL, with Smoke That City and the Georgia Fireflies both from Atlanta.  Such talented musicians. Both were fantastic.  We hit the stage at around 11 and was great to see old friends, former bandmates (Michelle DuBois and Jeff Holt) and UBF fans.  Steve and Steve helped us sell merch.  It was a family affair and made me miss Atlanta even while I was there.

Bil and Brian of Smoke That City                                    Will and Coleman of Smoke That City                                 Jeff and Leanna of The Georgia Fireflies

Unfortunately we didn't get any pics of ourselves playing at The Earl.  But here are more friends.  

Michelle, Elliot, Shonali                                                      Steve and Steve sell merch                                                         Amy tries Krystals for the first time in Nashville

Wednesday was our day in Nashville, Tennessee!  Being that I am from Nashville, the band ate a glorious lunch cooked by my mom and dad at my home.  Needless to say we were all so happy to have a home cooked meal, but check it out and you will understand why it wasn't just any home cooked meal.  We had to rush from lunch to Grimey's New & Preloved Music, to perform an in-store in Grimey's amongst all the stacks of records and CD's  at the behest of record shop co-owner Doyle Davis, one of the greatest guys in the world of rock n' roll record shops.  You have to check it out while you are in Nashville!  We played our evening show at The End with the wonderful Bruce Fitzpatrick helming the bar. 

Dad and lots of good food.                                              The mall that inspired the album title, 100 Oaks Revival                  Jason and his amp at The End!

The band and the Bhowmiks!                                                 Live in-store at Grimey's in Nashville!                                        Knoxville, Tennessee

The last day of our tour was spent in Knoxville, Tennessee.  We went straight to the studio at the WUTK radio station to do a live studio performance and interview with Benny Smith, the legendary station manager.  A long time supporter of my music, it was beyond a pleasure to talk to Benny on the air.  How in the heck did he know about the Prophecy?  That is for you to figure out.  Below are some pics of our Knoxville in-studio performance, dining experience, and our new amazing friends:  the train folks we met at the Long Branch Saloon, also known as the Juggalos.  There are amazing videos  on youtube that catch the magic of that night in Knoxville (made by Bryan Oblivion) such as this one! Woo Woo!  Alligator's Tale!  Thanks to Cindy Quinan for taking care of us in Knoxville and the Waltz Bros and the Vintage for performing with us.  That last night was one we will never forget.  And the tour, forget about it.  It included everything I love about being on the road, good friends, good food, good music and most of all good times.  Wah Wah Wah!

Live at WUTK                                                                           Benny Smith explainin' the rules!                                              Jeff ready to roll.

Awesome Sushi in the Old City                                           The Vintage performs for the first time!                              Our new fans!  Juggalos Occupy Knoxville


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