WooWoo! (Finger pointed upwards with a hop and a skip!) Part 1

 Our 100 Oaks Revival 2011 Southeastern jaunt ended this past Saturday and most of us are suffering from tour withdrawal.  My tour mates on the road were Jason Lam, Amy Slonaker, Matt Gill and Jeff Sheinkopf.  The highlights of the tour are endless but a few are posted below.   The tour was just what the doctor ordered on my part.  I got to soak up all the tastes and smells of some of my favorite southern cities:  Charlotte, NC; Atlanta, GA; Savannah, GA; Charleston, SC; Knoxville, TN; and my hometown of Nashville, TN.   My inhaler was always close by, due to the impending asthma attack threats caused by all my freaking hilarious friends down South. We started off  the tour staying up way past our bedtimes in Charlotte, NC, catching up with my dear friend Scott Weaver (also known as MiMaw -redneck for granny) who DJ'd his humongous Shiprocked party right after our set at Evening Muse, where the lovely Alex Kastanas opened for us with her beautiful voice.   Here are some scenes of Alex, and Shiprocked at Snug Harbor in Charlotte, NC.


After a night of nonstop laughing, Scott escorted us to an amazing Viet Namese restaurant (sorry don't know the name) and to downtown Charlotte to The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art where the art of Niki De Saint Phalle was displayed on the greens.  

From Charlotte we were to head to Charleston, SC but had no idea if we could get there due to the impending hurricane.  We rolled the dice and decided that Irene wasn't going to get in our way.  We headed to a club called the Tin Roof which believe it or not, had a roof made of tin and arrived just after a torrential downpour. The Sticky Fingers crew (my longtime friends and former owners of the beloved BBQ chain) made it out in the rain and we rocked them like a hurricane.  Yup, for real tho. Although that pic below below is from the Evening Muse in Charlotte .

We spent the Saturday in Charleston, SC like true rock stars hanging out at my friend Jeff Goldstein's pool and then hung out in downtown Charleston at the market, and eating BBQ at Sticky Fingers.  No pool pics, but below is Jeff and his wife Ainsley caddy corner across from him.  Jill (who lives in Brooklyn and joined us for a portion of the tour) is his cousin sitting beside him and she's also Matt's girlfriend.  It's a small world after all. .

The trip to Savannah, GA from Charleston took no time at all.  We played a big coffee shop called the Sentient Bean, where upon arrival we realized most folks would be listening to us without the listening enhancement of alcohol.  It ended up that it didn't matter.  The 4th Ward Afro Klezmer Orchestra from Atlanta joined us for what would be one of our most fun evenings on tour.  Great friends, good music, late night, dancing and laughter - again just what the doctor ordered.  I knew it was going to be good when my friend Steve Cox came in just after we got off the stage and hugged me and said "well I  will let you get to what you got to do, cause I know you are about to go on stage."  We laughed and laughed at the fact that he just simply got to the show after we finished our set.  Wonk Wonk Wonk!  Yup, cause that's just how we roll.  Wes Daniel, my longtime friend, Savannah resident and owner of the most popular bar in Savannah called Hangfire,  hosted us at his bar and we danced til the break of dawn.  Let's just say after hearing  things like Fat Albert and Rudy, and a story about obtaining one of Debbie Harry's hairs  out of her head,  the laughter meter was off the charts and I was thankful to have my inhaler.  Artwork in Hangfire courtesy of the artists Panhandle Slim and Zteven.

Sunday was a day off in Savannah where we got to spend some time visiting with the Cox-Stanton family (highlights include playing Monkey Quest with Tex, and building a train track with Johnny).  Later, Wes hosted us as his guests at his 70's style community swimming pool/cub called the Kensington Park Pool, complete with rainbow colored table umbrellas and white plastic pool furniture.  Was so awesome.  Wes made us some boiled peanuts and later that evening, even did us up real good for dinner with a good old southern fish fry at his home.  Met a rock n' roll gal named Angel Bond at the fry who leads a band called Cusses.  Loved her and gosh darnit if those peanuts and fish weren't sooo good. Also featured is an album by southern country (not redundant) artist Steven Cox, not to be confused - or perhaps to be confused with my friend Steven Cox below.

Wes and his tasty peanuts at the pool!                            Steven, Shonali, Wes, corn and fish.                            Steven Cox, southern country artist.

Alrightie ladies and gentlemen - that was only part 1 but I had to share.  This is only a small morsel of all the goodness we got to absorb.  Lawdy it was good.
Part 2  is on its way.  Here is a teaser!

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